Plump DJ's Interview 2011

Hi guys. First and foremost how are you?

We’ve just returned from our tours around Asia and Australia so we’re tired but really excited about the response we’ve had following our first year of Grand Hotel music.  The realization that our message has reached the other side of our great planet has blown our heads completely!

How was 2010 for you guys?

It was a challenging year for us, leaving Finger Lickin Records and starting our own record label has proven to be a heavy manoeuvre, but we’re really happy with the results.  We have won new support from such a wide variety of DJs, producers and music lovers.

Why have you chosen XOYO for your next Grand Hotel show in London?

It’s vital for us to have a voice in London, it’s our home.  A place in which we can road test our music to a crowd that we understand more than any is essential.  We looked at many options in London and found only one venue in the end that had a good enough sound system and a natural atmosphere to use as a litmus test environment for Grand Hotel Records and all things Plump.  XOYO is large enough in size to go right off, but still retains a level of intimacy.

Where else in the UK will you be hosting Grand Hotel nights?

We are talking about hosting them in other cities that have a special relationship within the UK.  Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool are all being discussed.  However, the time must be right and we would like to make sure we are kicking it in the big smoke first.

How did Grand Hotel come about?

The name came from the old movie, a 1932 drama directed by Edmund Goulding.  We liked the sound of it, ‘Grand Hotel Records’ sounds big, we like big ideas.

What do you want your Grand Hotel label to be known for?

We hope that in time the label becomes known to be one of London’s foremost, cutting edge, innovative, dance music houses.  We would also like to build a reputation for putting on some cracking parties all over the world.

Does the new label mean we can expect to hear lots more Plump DJs releases in the near future?

We are planning a release every month where possible.  Plump DJs music will be the priority for the immediate future on Grand Hotel, but expect more stuff from Bonsai Kat, Dirty Super Car and recent newcomer Maximillian.

Why have you chosen Herve and Mumdance to play alongside you at XOYO this February?

We were lucky enough to play alongside Mumdance at Snowbombing last year, and we really liked his style.  We have been fans of Herve for a year or so now, and have performed alongside the maestro at many Fabric events in the past.  We could not hope for more at the first event, I think that we will all complement each other well.

How would you describe the current Plump DJs sound?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one.  Those who may have been following our development as artists over the past four years would understand that we have been heavily influenced by modern dance music.  In particular bmore, basshouse, electro, acid and techno.  Many of our new records have been reviewed in the electro sections of magazines and websites.  Our music still has a break beat aesthetic, and we are still fond of playing and making break beat.  We have definitely continued to develop over the past ten years and will continue for the foreseeable future, such is our way.  Check our SoundCloud page and see what you think.

What does 2011 hold for the Plumps?

Who knows for sure, we hope that you keep picking up what we’re putting down.  We hope the results of our experiments continue to inspire.  “We will find new ways to make people dance!”

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