You can now book the Plumps for your very own private live online DJ set! This can be enjoyed on a single or multi screen format, proving to be a great way to reconnect friends and simply blows the doors off at house parties.

Prices start at £350 for a 1h DJ set plus meet & greet, for up to 50 people we recommend.

We can also organise a sound check for you, if required, prior to your party.

Please note – The recording of these events is not permitted due to copyright restrictions.

Plump DJs private live online DJ sets are orchestrated through Zoom, and utilise their High Fidelity audio feature for maximum sound quality. This intimate format enables you to connect directly online with your DJ, so you can meet and catch up on all things Plump before your exclusive private set.

We have been running these events since December 2020 and have had impeccable feedback. Please check some of the comments below.

We had just THE BEST time, the bday girl was 100% surprised and was beside herself with disbelief and joy!

Yeah... feeling a little fragile but very, very worth it. Best online event I've been at and getting lots of love from the people who went. This is the way forward

Lee was just incredible, such a professional and joy to work with; what he picked to play was absolutely perfect and Erin was blown away that he magically played a bunch of her fav tunes.

Quality selection & energy Lee, we all had a megablast

I was saying to @Lee Rous privately that I think presenting it as a Zoom house party actually really makes a difference, a little bit of chat and interaction between performers and their fans as if they were at a house party together works an absolute treat

Thank you SOOOOO much Lee

Yes, we all got emotional at the end ... there was just this sense of pure joy and love for the music and the community it's created, a lot of us know each other from music and dancing and many have been friends for over 20 years!

Thank you SO much for this, was wonderful to work with you!

Thank you so much, Lee. Honestly. Everyone's raving about it. You have no idea what you've just done for us. Let's do it again at some point. I hope you're well. Thank you and goodnight!

...was my first proper zoom experience and was a whole lot of fun....great work behind the scenes and how good was that!!!!!