New Plump Djs single ‘IOU One’ hits the streets

New Plump Djs single 'IOU One' hits the streets Beatport No.1 - 2/3/16 Mixmag - The Plump Djs are back!! 9/10 DJ Mag - 'Dancefloor Destroyer' 9/10 James Zabiela - 'Slick record' Jamie George (Rinse FM) - 9/10 - f*** me! The Crystal Method - 'Kicking track with the funky style we love Plump Djs for' 10/10 Flowstate - 10/10 - Amazing to see the Plump Djs on Punks and what a wicked release. Cant wait to drop this! (Flowstate) Teddy Killerz (Hospital/Ram Records) - 10/10 - Massive! Jaguar Skills - Cool Record 9/10 Utah Saints - 9/10 - Both Tracks are Bombs and will play these both out and support. Plumps always deliver the beats the dance floor needs and both of these i can see totally working smile emoticon Big ups Marten Hørger - 10/10 - B.A.N.G.E.R.S. Sychosis - 10/10 - Massive release, so excited to have The Plumps on board, legend! Left/Right - 10/10 - MASSIVE. Plumps love forever The Other Tribe - 9/10 - So deliciously original, loving Plump DJs' inability to be pigeonholed right now. Keep that experimental goodness coming, can't wait to see how this goes down on the dancefloor smile emoticon Anna Lunoe (Beats1 Radio) - 10/10 - Dling for anna @ Beats1 Lady Waks - 8/10 - BASS! Love Dat!