Maki Club – Ingolstadt, Germany

Maki Club - Ingolstadt, Germany

SET :2-4AM CAPACITY :600 SITE:UNDERGROUND OLD CHURCH CATACOMBS SOUNDSYSTEM: CLUB PREFERANCES:UNDERGROUND MUSIC OTHER ACTS ON THE BILL:MARTIN HORGER OPENING TIMES: HISTORY: ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN: RESULTS: We arrived to find a cue of people lining the atmostpheric main stairway, leading down into this sweaty basement venue. The club at on this night bulging at the seams. Ingolstadt has a large young community of nocturnal beings that regularly seek the combination of underground music, and clean crisp German Beer. The sight being in the basement of an old church benifits from a low arched ceiling, this makes for an intimate atmosphere and of course the sound travels well as a result. The ravers were tenacious and vocal. Well worth the trip. BIGGEST TUNES OF THE NIGHT: BRAP - BART B MORE - B.N. + PLUMP DJS WATER BORN COMPUTER VIROUS