A38 Club – Budapest

A38 Club - Budapest

VENUE:  A38 Budapest SET: 2:00 - 3:30 am CAPACITY:  900 SITE: Ukranian Stone carrier ship SOUND SYSTEM: Big CLUB PRERERENCES:  Profiles underground music and specialist acts OTHER ACTS ON THE BILL: VENUE OPENING TIMES:  23.00 - 05.00 HISTORY: ARCHITECTURE /DESIGN: It's a pre-war boat with the engine and parts of the bridge still intact, renovated with a stage and a 2nd room. RESULTS:  A redesigned Ukrainian stone-carrier now a popular culture-centre and dynamic night-scene site in Budapest with interesting programming. A 38 has a stylish restaurant, a dance-floor inside, bars on both levels and also on deck outside during summer. Located on the Buda side at the end of Petöfi bridge. Distrrict x1 This 2 roomed venue was filled to capacity and the notorious budapest crowd were already on warp factor 10 before we started our set.  An unforgettable night, the combination of a truly unique venue and one of the best dance crowds in eastern europe is hard too top. BIGGEST TUNES OF THE NIGHT:  Bang like a kick drum + brap (BART BMORE)