Bristol is Plumped for NYE

December 16, 2015

This show will be one for the history books, the Plump DJs are returning to their 2nd home Bristol for New Years Eve. Where they will be playing a classic set from their recently remastered best bits, celebrating 15 years since their original album A Plump Night Out. It is pure poetry that the Blow Pop organisation that gave Lee&Andy their first show outside London back in the late 90’s, is hosting this one off party. The Courtrooms venue will be the home for this fantastical doo, a site that has reached near legendary status in the UK, following a string of sold out high profile events this year.

We have been informed that the first 3 batches of advance tickets sold out immediately, upon each release. Grab yours before they run out, as we would not want you to miss this event!


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