Hostage and Plump DJs at the Nest 8/8

July 18, 2014

Hostage graces the stage at Dalstons favorite ‘end up’ in August, where he is joined by the Plumps for this exclusive one off show at  their home from home. Crowned as the Scottish champion of jackin’ house. With releases on Black Butter, Simma Black and Deep Thrills.. Hostage has become a unique and hugely entertaining feature on the British house landscape.

Earlier this year we saw Drums of Death light up the place with an incredible performance, this show also set ignite, inspire and generally be rather bloody good!!

Plump Djs NEW SINGLE ‘Roll Dope Rhymes’ release will be celebrated at this party, with the evenings set being recorded for good measure.


Tickets are going quick so do not delay, get in there :